motherhood is taking its toll

Do you feel you are not living up to it? Are you thinking yourself inadequate for this big job? Do you feel guilty and conscience stricken as regards to any aspect of motherhood? Then this post is for you. You can safely diagnose yourself suffering from ‘motherhood overload’.

Unhappy Baby and Mother

There may come a time (or times) in a mother’s life when she feels overburdened by child caring all the time. Mostly it happens to mothers who remain in constant contact with their children and never get a break from them. Below I have listed some definite signs that you have been mothering for quite a while now, and you need a serious and definite break. Here goes:

You start feeling irritated by your kid(s): And that too on small things. If the kid is crying, getting cranky, demanding attention, suckling for more than 2 minutes… your frustration shoots up.

You are harsh with kid(s) more than you want to: You tend to be hard on them, yell at them or talk to them more roughly than you actually want to. You do feel guilty immediately on your irrational behavior, but at the moment you just cannot stop yourself.

Breastfeeding becomes a bane: We all suffer from breastfeeding blues time to time throughout the period. But if you start to keep your child away from you intentionally (NOT from weaning purposes), if you get extremely frustrated by suckling for more than a few minutes, if you push them away roughly too often… you are suffering from motherhood overload.

You strongly wish to hit them hard: Yes, it happens to those who do not take a break. Petty kids’ issues can gradually turn into a mountain of troubles and wear your brains out. So you may start to cherish the secret desire to hit your kid(s). You may sometimes even do it and then feel terribly guilty.

You tend to laze around when their chores are at hand: Changing diapers, taking to a bath, preparing meals for them or playing with them. You tend to put them off for as long as you can.

You let them cry: You leave your child to cry for long intervals. Sometimes you tune out; sometimes you shut yourself up in your room; sometimes you just sit staring at your crying kid. You just cannot summon enough stamina to quieten the little one.

motherhood taking its toll


You tend to dedicate more time to house chores than to the child: Although this does not happen often because kids have that amazing ability to draw attention to themselves, you try no to do so very often. You continuously fret about small chores that can usually be put off for sometime. You tend to try to ignore your kid.

You suddenly get cranky and lethargic for sometime: You start getting bouts of crankiness and depression which come and go on their own. It gets more and more difficult to overcome them and hide from children and act normally.

Sounds like quite a scary, selfish and horrible mom?

Well, as much as it seems so the reality is quite the opposite. Motherhood overload usually happens to moms who spend each and every minute of the day with their children, never being alone all by themselves ——— for too long a time.

Are you wondering what the solution is?

The solution is simple—— get an alternative and reliable care taker and GET THE KIDS OUT OF YOUR SIGHT AND HEARING! Either you get out of the house or the kids go out and you stay at home alone, relaxing to restore your sanity. Let’s face it; kids are overwhelming. We moms can easily lose it if we don’t take a break and feel fresh.

Taking care of children means to negate your needs and yourself as a person, and no sane person can endure it for a long time. We all need to rediscover ourselves otherwise we tend to get what is described above.

An alternative care taker maybe:

the kids’ dad;

your mother;

your in-laws;


a baby sitter;

a friend.

Just leave the kid(s) with them and spend some time alone doing anything you like. Do not assume you are selfish in doing so (as some people may tell you) for it is beneficial for the kids too. A sane mom raises sane kids (my own saying). So just go for it.

And yeah; don’t forget to comment and suggest on it. Always looking forward to hearing from you guys. Cheers and Ciao!


Author: Mom and He

Sara is a housewife and a mom of an 8 month-old. She is learning too many things along the way managing baby and home. She likes to write, read and have chocolates (lottttsss!!!).

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