But should!


Travelling for the first time with a little guy or gal? Been over thinking about what will happen? Worrying how you will manage? Getting dark circles browsing “baby travel essentials” and “will I survive the trip??” through the night?

I empathize with you. I was the same before our first trip aboard.

It happens to all us first-time-travellers-with-baby-in-tow. We obsess too much about too many things and get stressed in the end. The key is to keep it cool and think “its just a trip and all will go smoothly if I am ready for everything”. Yes, choosing the right and adequate baby items will help you breeze through the flight and the trip.

baby on plane

In a heap of clothes, diapers and baby bottles, most of us forget some ordinary but quite useful items to keep in our diaper bag which may come in handy (take it from me, they DO).

So here I am telling you five things many of us tend to forget but shouldn’t—- so you can enjoy a little less hassled journey. Raring to go? Me too!


Believe it or not, most of us bring medicines for our kids but forget to take the prescriptions with us. Or stow them in checked baggage and fumble inside the diaper bag at the customs for a long time, before remembering where we put them. Drill it in your brain: TAKE all prescriptions with you and keep them in the HANDIEST place in your diaper bag along with your other documents, to be produced instantly upon asking.

Birth Certificate

“Can’t they just see how old my baby is???” said the frazzled lady in the line…

birth certificate_ essential

Try not to repeat the scene. Always, always, ALWAYS keep the kids’ birth certificates or any proof of their age(s) with you whenever you travel. Even if you travel frequently and have not been asked for it before, does not mean you will never be. So just put it in your checklist and remember it.

Baby Thermometer

Babies can get sick anywhere, everywhere. Especially when their surroundings and environment change, babies are liable to contract a variety of diseases. Fever is almost always the commonest indication. I made the mistake of leaving it for the trip and regretted it afterwards. A baby thermometer should always be handy so that the fever grade can be determined immediately and action taken.

baby thermometer
Keep it with you!

Ear Covering Caps

ear covering caps

Cold temperature can affect babies during flights and at destination and make them sick. Ears and ear canals are particularly vulnerable to get affected by both artificial and natural colds and can lead to diseases. Make sure you buy fluffy, woollen caps that cover the baby’s ears along with her head. Keep your little one safe from weather.

Nail Clippers

Always keep some nail clippers in your diaper bag, whether travelling or not. Everyone knows babies’ nails grow really, reallY fast. I have known mothers who forgot, or did not think it necessary to carry nail clippers on travel and regretted it afterwards. So just write, record, remember to carry a pair of nail clippers with you.

nail clippers for travelling

So mommies these are the things we moms tend to forget before setting out to travel. Make sure you DO NOT do the same and scribble them on your list of baby essentials. And if you already take care of it, you are….. AWESOME!!! Share your thoughts in the comments and do give more ideas of things moms tend to forget or ignore for a trip. Love you guys, cheers and

Author: Mom and He

Sara is a housewife and a mom of an 8 month-old. She is learning too many things along the way managing baby and home. She likes to write, read and have chocolates (lottttsss!!!).

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