So you can buy things you REALLY love out there!


Thinking of travelling? With a baby? Without a baby? Well, this post can help both types of travelers in general. Saving money can become difficult while you are on a trip abroad. You like, love and adore so many things and it is very likely you might splurge without realizing. The currency difference can also be a factor.

money saving hacks

So here I have for you some small methods, techniques, hacks… (whatever you like to call them!) that can help you save money during travel. They helped US a lot on our trip to Singapore a few months ago, so it might help you also. Lets’ get on with it, shall we???

money saving hacks on travel

Find a laundromat instead of availing hotel laundry. Mostly hotels have amazingly expensive laundry services. Why spend so much when you can do it at a laundromat at a much cheaper rate?

Bring some preserved food with you. While it is customary (and much fun) to try out the local culinary delights of a foreign country, it is quite useful to bring some food from home… especially if you are saving money. The best plan for you then would be to divide your meal times as per preserved food and local food. You will get a lot of help that way.

Bring diapers and wipes for baby. You can surely buy these things at your destination, but then you can opt to bring enough diapers to last the trip. Not for long trips, like, a month or two; that would make your luggage extra heavy… when it would already be laden with a number of other baby items. But for, say, seventeen days… you can bring a supply. It would not only save you money but may also save you from emergency hassles.

Bring baby food from home. Formula and packaged food is allowed on the plane so why not take furthur advantage and take enough to last the trip? You can bring a month’s supply (depending on formula cans used per week).

Ask for extra dustbin liners to dispose of soiled diapers. Ask the concierge or the house keeping staff for a day’s supply each day. You will not have to buy, or bring, disposal bags in that case.

Drink more water than drinks. Whats more, bring an empty bottle all the way from home and fill it with water before setting out of the hotel.

Prefer walking through small distances instead of hiring a cab.

Plan outings around meal times so you don’t go hungry in the middle of the tour and splurge on a large meal. Bring some of the preserved food with you in your backpack.

Do not shop from the first shop you see. Look around and compare prices. Moreover, don’t shop for gifts on your last day of the trip. You will be in a hurry and more likely to spend more money than necessary. Stretch gift shopping throughout your trip.

So tell me folks, did you find these hacks useful? Do tell me in your comments and share your own hacks and tips. Until then, cheers and ciao!



Author: Mom and He

Sara is a housewife and a mom of an 8 month-old. She is learning too many things along the way managing baby and home. She likes to write, read and have chocolates (lottttsss!!!).

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