Get ready in around 5 minutes!


Yeah, I know. That faint sinking feeling every morning or on certain celebrations. This is what we all empathize with each other. The marathon between you and time… which seems to run sooo fast when you have:

little hungry mouths to attend to;

soothe those little attention seekers screaming at your feet tugging at your dress;

fold washed clothes;

cook the meal;

pack hubby’s lunch;

hoover the floor…….. ∞∞∞

An endless list, and there you are standing in front of the mirror trying to apply makeup at the speed of light… only that you can NOT perform at the speed of light! Making yourself up in a short time (read: seconds) and look great (or look-able) can be a woe to us moms.

But I have here for you dearies a simple, basic and quick makeup regime which I have tried and tested. The best thing about it is that its QUICK!! Read on without furthur ado and lets’ get on with it!

easy mom makeup infographic

So moms out there, how did it go? Give me your feedback in the comments below and share it on, on and on to spread the love. Cheers and Ciao!


Author: Mom and He

Sara is a housewife and a mom of an 8 month-old. She is learning too many things along the way managing baby and home. She likes to write, read and have chocolates (lottttsss!!!).

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