Do we all relate to the topic? Yes we do.

Just the other day I was sitting by my own (a rare luxury) that it suddenly came to me… I have changed after my baby! Not physically (though I have) but mentally and emotionally. And that got me thinking and writing this whole new piece about the positive make over we all go through.

Being a mother is the most wonderful experience of a woman’s life, however exhausting it may seem. There is something magical and miraculous about bringing a new being into this world. It instills a sense of collectiveness and and grit in us moms which enables us to shield our babies from the evils of the world and to protect and nurture them in every way we can.

strong mom title

I think it is given by nature to us so that we don’t fall short of the big responsibility we are given.

You all would have noticed that you have grown strong after you became a mom (or are to-be). Let us realize our strengths to use them to their full.


This was the first strength I noticed in myself — I had become brave (something I was not before the baby). I was not remotely frightened of anything which I was before. For once, I was afraid of cockroaches and lizards (yuck!!). But after my baby I could just kill them with a bit of disgust, instead of running to another room screaming my head off. I can also talk to strangers if need be and can ask favors at a public place for me and my baby.

strong mom

I have seen many moms turn into super beings, not afraid to stand up to anyone for their kids’ sake and I am happy to be one of them. So are you all!


If you are shy of starting things on your own, for example, giving an order at a restaurant all by yourself; you will be able to do them now. Being a mom means being able to initiate things and take actions. Taking decisions quickly and manipulate all the possibilities and alternatives. Taking the plunge on your own and stand firm even when no one takes the stand for you or with you. See a familiar picture emerging?

strong mom conf

Yes mommy, that’s you! That’s me (now… before baby I was just a stay behind person). That’s all the women who are brave enough to bring a new life in this world and nurture it Kudos to ye all!


One important tool motherhood gives you is “conversation”.




Yes, you got it. We moms instantly develop the capability of holding a full blown conversation as soon as we give birth. We can chat endlessly about our kids, our home, our relations and our grievances. We can make people feel at ease because we can also give handy tips and anecdotes. We become experts at small (or large) talks. I am sure many of you are recalling your shy and tight lipped self before becoming a mom.


A woman’s intuition is widely talked-and-believed-about, but a mother’s intuition is a level high up. It is a sure thing for all moms that if they feel something about their kid, it is proved right.

Why our intuitiveness is super-enhanced after we become mothers? I think it is a protective mechanism built in us which kicks in its full when the baby arrives. How many of you suddenly wake up at night from deep sleep to find your baby about to fall off the bed (if you share bed with your baby)? Or to find your baby wriggling, about to wake up? It is our mom intuition.

After all, “mommy knows best“.


strong mom hawk
I see you!

Judging by the broad smile on your face, you have developed the hawk-like (or eagle-like, your call mommy)spot on, pin pointy sense of sight. You are now able to spot from a far if a mishap occurs to your kid, your kid misbehaves, if he is hiding something, if he has a stain under his collar or if the baby is just about to poop all over the changing mat…

you see it all.

You remain red alert for such incidents and swoop down in an instant to set things right.

Yes. It is another strength we moms develop.


Patience is a virtue most of us develop after we embrace motherhood.

We do not have a load of other options.

We stay awake night after night, we calm them, we soothe their continuos crying, we provide feed for them, we stuff ourselves for their sakes, we wipe their blow outs, we remain at war with home-chaos…..

And we can not get angry.

strong mom6

We can not yell, scream or hit at any cost.

So we learn to be patient and keep doing what we have to do. We overcome our impulses and calm down.

As I say again, a mom-strength.


Mothers always have a little more space for everyone in their homes, and hearts. It is another strength we acquire.

strong mom7

Actually, what I think happens is… when we give birth and endure such pain, our hearts fill with gratitude and humiliation. So we find our hearts open for people. We are ready to share sympathy, empathy, help, a shoulder, a listening ear and a hot strong cup of tea!(or coffee as need be)

Accomodating people with oneself is a difficult task. This may mean intervening with one’s privacy, one’s thoughts, one’s home, one’s organisation system and much else.

But we moms can accomodate almost anyone because, hey, we have gone through the biggest accommodation. We have accommodated a living person inside our bodies, haven’t we?


strong mom8
Responsible and counting!

Forget the carefree teenage and bachelor life. You have got the biggest responsibility, so you have become super-responsible. You start to feel it is on you to nourish and nurture your baby and raise him/her to be a good responsible individual (just as we are).

You feel yourself responsible for a number of things: your kids’ health, hygiene, security, dressing, grooming, sleeping, feeding, your house chores and ————- your husband’s comfort. You start to feel it is upto you to make your home a welcoming and safe haven.

So, how did you like that? I would LOVE to see your comments about it and any additions you would like to make. Happy parenting, and Cheers and Ciao!


Author: Mom and He

Sara is a housewife and a mom of an 8 month-old. She is learning too many things along the way managing baby and home. She likes to write, read and have chocolates (lottttsss!!!).

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