sara-photo-2Helluva and an awesome day, mommies all around! Life is pretty hectic yet, but its good. Managing babies, training children, getting worked up… you got it. This blog is all about mommies… about YOU. Here you will get tips, tricks and anecdotes to cruise the bumpy but adventurous ride of motherhood. And of course, empathy (much needed by us mommies) to its full.

The idea of starting this blog got me after my son was 3 months old and I had learned some lessons and was on the go learning more and more. So I thought, “why not share what I have learned with others?” Because being a mom means needing more empathy, more understanding and more hacks!!!

I am Sara Saadi, a happy wife and mom of a baby boy under 1 year. I was an Occupational Therapist working with children when I got married and became a stay-at-home-wife-then-mom. I had to do something to stay connected to the world and get me the feeling of being helpful again. I like reading a lot and think chocolate is a blessing to mankind.

I will especially look forward to your feed backs, tips and suggestions to be of more help. Tell me what you want to read about and I will surely try my best. Cheers for a long lasting relationship!